“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.” – John Locke


Learning about wine tends towards monastic study; the world is littered with tomes full of information about fermented grape juice. The Oxford Companion to Wine remains the authoritative text on the subject but there are countless other examples of well written, well informed and often very specialist books on every conceivable subject. My favourite reading is often peoples own opinions on wine, from dissected factual information to drunken rants and even satire and comedy has its place. Below are the blogs I read the most often, with a short explanation for each. This page is likely to change quite a bit as I add and remove reading material, but feel free to recommend any that you think should be up here!

  • JancisRobinson.com – The only online resource I pay for and worth every penny. Daily, informative articles written by Masters of Wine and industry experts, often with personal commentary from around the world. A slow but informative forum is also a big plus.
  • Decanter – A stalwart of the wine world, Decanters news column delivers daily updates on the practical and political happenings in the world of wine.
  • The Drinks Business – Perhaps the most in-depth industry publication that exists today. I am also subscribed to their monthly magazine which is beautifully presented and invaluable to keeping up with the industry.
  • Spanish Wine Lover – The best online resource for Spanish wine, covering the most recent trends and happenings in the world of Spanish wine. Good section on upcoming tastings throughout the month as well all across Spain.
  • Wine on Six – Miquel Hudin is the author of the vinologue guides for Catalunya and both a resident sommelier and wine-writer. In-depth information on Catalan wines and others with guest contributors, plus hilariously blunt commentary from the man himself.
  • Tim Atkin MW – A really wonderful website from one of the worlds most approachable Masters of Wine. Lots of guest posting, informative articles and a great community built around it.
  • Richard Hemming MW – A simple blog format from one of my favourite wine writers; simple, to the point and a refreshingly younger look at the world of wine (Sorry, older MWs!).
  • Sediment Blog – British wine comedy at its best. An incredibly well written, personal and quite conversational blog that covers a lot of interesting topics and garners quite a few giggles along the way.
  • The Hosemaster of Wine – Ron Washam is the brutal, merciless king of wine satire. No-one is safe, absolutely no-one. There are a lot of ‘in’ jokes in the material but for those who spend their time with wine, this is pure gold and just lovely to find someone who doesn’t take the wine industry all that seriously.
  • Shanken News – Very factual, brief articles on the world of beverages. Fantastic for keeping up with the nuts and bolts of the industry from a high level.
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