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So the first thing I did after reformatting the website was to add another page to it, which could quite reasonably be construed as bad planning in the first place (It was). However, it occurred to me that I now consume a large quantity of wine related media on a daily basis, mainly from slowly discovering new websites, blogs, forums and the like which has all contributed to my own journey and understanding of wine. Therefore, I’ve included an extra page on the site called Recommended Reading; essentially a short list of the major websites and blogs I read on a regular basis. This is by no means exhaustive but is a selection of my favourite sources for wine based information and I hope it will be of use to you.

The truth is, when you study wine in any form it can be quite a tedious process at times. From learning about different yeast strains used in wine production, to French appellation law to the training systems used to counter fertile soils in New Zealand, it can all become a little much formulaic and dry. The great beauty of this, of course, is when it all starts to click into place on a practical level, when the learning becomes understanding and your overall context of the industry of wine has been changed for the better. One of the great aides in translating this factual information and improving my own understanding of the world of wine is other peoples opinions, namely through blogs, magazines, forums and the like. It is a perfect counter-balance to the, often dense, information I am absorbing and offers pleasant counter-points to cold, hard facts that I probably wouldn’t question otherwise.

If I had to choose a single resource on the internet for wine based education, it would certainly be With this being a paid resource, I understand it isn’t for everyone but the sheer quality of the articles that appear on a daily basis is just excellent, and the team of Masters of Wine and industry experts who contribute to both the articles and the forum make for a truly top quality, melting pot of information and informed opinions. I will expand the page in the future to also include forums, magazines and podcasts but for now, I think a variety of blogs and websites is enough to be getting on with!

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