“I know absolutely nothing about wine, so I always make a point to only drink the delicious ones” – Anonymous

Red Wine

I suppose the first thing to say here is thank-you! I love reviewing wine and will happily take the time to sit down, analyse, review and eventually drink any wine that is sent my way and I appreciate all bottles that are. Should you wish to send me a bottle or two, please use my contact page to get in touch and I will get back to you with shipping details shortly. However, a couple of points from a commercial point of view that are worth noting:

  • Submitting a sample doesn’t mean it will be featured on the blog, or if it is, that it will receive any sort of glowing recommendation. I’m highly unlikely to make a blog post detailing how much I didn’t like your wine, but if I love it, it will likely to be featured both in the blog and/or my social media outlets. The vast, vast majority of all wine I taste is purchased out of my own pocket (Think 99%).
  • I can’t accept gifts of any kind, so please only submit a single bottle or two maximum if you fear for bottle variation/wine faults of any kind.
  • Please send me any details you think are relevant to the production of that particular wine. I love hearing the work that went into making each wine and if I review it, I’d like it to be as in-depth as possible.
  • I will always send private feedback about your wine, regardless of whether or not I review it on the site or through my social media. I appreciate the fact you’ve taken the time and effort to send it to me and I will always reciprocate with honest feedback.

I look forward to trying your wine soon!

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